Diane Cranley

Author, Speaker, Prevention Consultant, Healing Coach, and Expert Witness

Diane is a leading expert and change agent in the area of child sexual abuse prevention. She utilizes her extensive research as well as what she has learned from interviewing experts from around the world. But her expertise is not strictly academic. It is deeply rooted in understanding how abuse happens through her personal experience, encounters with survivors and their families, and the many cases she has been exposed to while working with youth-serving organizations and insurance industry leaders.

Diane uses her expertise to make a difference in her local community and around the world as a keynote speaker, trainer, prevention consultant, healing coach, and expert witness.

Diane has committed her life to breaking the silence that surrounds child sexual abuse. Please visit Diane’s various websites to learn more about her work and submit a request if you are unable to locate what you’re looking for.


TAALK is an acronym for Talk About Abuse to Liberate Kids. The organization is a US-based non-profit organization with a core belief that child sexual abuse is predictable and preventable when we surround children with knowledgeable and outspoken adults, and we all play a part in the solution. TAALK provides awareness, prevention, and support programs which are all available on-line to the general community at no charge.


Diane Cranley is the author of 8 Ways to Create Their Fate: Protecting the Sexual Innocence of Children in Youth-Serving Organizations, a guidebook dedicated to helping organizations understand child sexual abuse best practices. Through her consulting firm, Diane works primarily with schools and insurance risk pools to help them proactively develop and implement programs that will mitigate the risk of student sexual abuse and decrease district liability. Educators in California have taken Diane’s training more than 1 million times in the past 5 years, and in 2020 access to Diane’s training has been expanded to include 22 additional states and the District of Columbia.



TAALKwithGod is an extension of TAALK that focuses on the church’s role in the child sexual abuse pandemic including intercessory prayer, prevention, recognizing and reporting abuse, speaking about child sexual abuse from the pulpit, healing prayer, and offender discipleship. While this is website is Christian-based, all faith organizations will find valuable information to use a guide to improving their programs.

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Ten percent of students surveyed say they were abused at school – that is nearly 4.5 million U.S. students. That number doesn't begin to address the children who were abused in daycare centers, boys and girls clubs, faith organizations, sports programs, and other youth-serving organizations. Child molesters need access to abuse and what better way to gain it than to work for an organization that serves youth? As a youth-serving organization leader, staff member, or parent, this book will guide you to create an environment where child molesters virtually cannot succeed without being caught and therefore won't want to work.

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