Service Offerings

Service Offerings

Choosing the right experts can make or break your case.

Many attorneys retain psychologists to opine on the impact the abuse has had on the victim. Others retain former school administrators to speak to the standard of care based on their work experience with a few districts.

But potentially the most impactful expert is one who understands how abuse happens and how to prevent it. Someone who has extensive real-life experience training schools to implement prevention best practices that minimize the risk of abuse. Someone who can recognize the extent to which the organization in your case did or did not implement and follow prevention best practices and the law.

If you're looking for someone who has this expertise, you've come to the right place.
Diane can help by:

  • Identifying and evaluating valuable discovery materials including an organization’s policies, practices, documentation, and training
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case by comparing those organizational materials to best practices to identify the gaps
  • Differentiating the failure of individual mandated reporters versus organizational failures based on that gap analysis and case materials
  • Identifying grooming behaviors that are cause for reasonable suspicion
  • Supplying best practices and relevant research to substantiate her opinion as it relates to your case
  • Educating the judge and jurors on grooming behaviors and boundaries that intercede with those behaviors, as well as prevention best practices

Case Review & Consultation

Diane will do a comprehensive review of all discovery materials and depositions, making recommendations regarding any potentially “overlooked” records of value. She will provide an assessment of the evidence presented, highlighting strengths and likely weaknesses of the case including specific individual and organizational points of failure. This assessment will provide you with pivotal information necessary to determine whether you should go to trial or pursue a settlement.

Expert Opinion Report

If the assessment results indicate you are in a position of strength, you may find value in introducing Diane as an expert witness. In this case, she will formalize her assessment in an expert opinion report that you can use in settlement negotiations and/or as the basis for her expert testimony. Diane can take the complex and uncomfortable details of child sexual abuse cases and distill them into a concise report that laypersons, especially jurors can comprehend and endure.

Expert Testimony

If a case goes to trial, Diane is able to provide competent virtual or in-person expert witness testimony based on her opinion report. As a writer, speaker, and trainer she has the necessary skills to effectively articulate and defend her opinions.




Diane invites you to schedule an initial call to see if she's a good fit for your case.

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